Lady Catherine Glass

July 2016


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Jul. 3rd, 2016

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Name: Rachel
Age: 29
Timezone: GMT



Name:  (Lady) Catherine Glass

Age:  28

PERSONALITY:  Catherine is strong willed and tough.  She knows what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it.  But, ultimately loyalty is the most important thing to her.  As leader of the werewolves she would never ask her men to do something she was not willing to do herself.  And, was ultimately willing to sacrifice her own life, in order to stop the war between the vampires and werewolves.  To kill the devil, and to cut off his food source. 


She is extremely sassy.  Both flirting with and threatening Lord Harry in equal measure, often simultaneously.  The sexual energy between them is extremely obvious in the way they interact.  Although, right now she hates him.  Because he ruined the ritual they performed to weaken the devil, by not being willing to use his own blood.

Point in Canon:  5.01 The Trinity
PB:Katherine Heigl  
Powers:   Catherine is a werewolf, although she can only turn during a full moon.  She is still stronger than a normal human though, even if not as strong as a vampire.  She is a strong and skilled fighter.  Able, to hold her own against one of the old ones, Hal Yorke.


Her blood is lethal to vampires, and she has a strong sense of smell.


ALIGNMENT:   Werewolves

HISTORY:  Born in 1890, Catherine was born into a noble family who had never converted from Catholcism.  This was quite unusual in England, even at the time.  In her teens, she was sent to a St Leonard’s convent for schooling.   Then, when she was 18, she was attacked by a werewolf.  She survived, but not unscathed.  She got scratched, which meant she was also now cursed to be a werewolf.


Her family were horrified at what she became.  They tried to deal with it at first.  But, they just couldn’t accept it, or what had happened.  So, they disowned her.  Mostly, anyway.  They gave her an allowance, but she wasn’t allowed to go back.  To see her home, or her family again.  After this, she tried to find her own place in the world.  Find more of her own kind.  But, eventually they found her.  The werewolves were organised back then.  Not just scattered around the world, separate and alone.


She quickly rose through the ranks of the werewolf clan.  Proving herself to be a strong and fierce opponent.  Willing to kill where necessary.  Then, part way through the war with the vampires.  She rose to become leader of the werewolves.  To welcome her into her new role, the leader of the vampire clan, sent her a gift.  The severed head of one of her lieutenants.  In return, she sent him the teeth of one of his.  This went on throughout the war.  Them sending “gifts” to one another.


Then, when the war had been going on for 7 years.  Hal allowed Catherine to know where he was.  And, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to try to kill him.  So, she went on a solo assassination mission.  Sneaking away from the werewolf army, who would never have let her go alone.  She killed on of Hal’s guards before making her way to his bedroom.  Climbing above him, she gets ready to plunge the stake into his heart.  But, he was only pretending to sleep.  So, they fought, flirting and sassing each other between blows.


But, eventually he tells her of his theory.  That the devil has caused the conflict against them.  And that they needed to stop him.  He took her to see a dead necromancer called Emil Parsons.  Who said they needed to perform a ritual to bind and kill the devil.  The ritual involved the ghost drinking the blood of vampire and wolf.  But, Hal didn’t use his own blood.  As a result of the ritual, Catherine died in Hal’s arms, while Emil dissipated. 


Third Person:

She couldn’t help but be a bit nervous when the black smoke that was the devil travelled around their circle.  Not that she’d ever show it.  Not only could she not show that weakness to her enemy, but she couldn’t show it to her men, either.  As, the devil entered the maniac, forcing the poor man to bend his back unnaturally far back.  Way’s that a body should never bend.  Not and still be moving.  She shouted across to Emil.  “Emil, we need to do it now.” 


But, as the ghost chanted, the devils eyes glowed red, his power manifesting.  She started choking, it felt like the air was thinning.  She could barely breath, every breathe was a struggle.  And yet, she saw that Hal was fine, but one of his own was also choking.  She saw the horror on his face, as he questioned her decision to use her own blood.


“How could I ask one of my own, to do what I would not?”  She gasped out, as she fell to her knees.


The ghost then berated Hal for his mistake, his selfishness.  Because his actions meant they weren’t a true trinity.  And, these were the last words she heard as she lay in Hal’s arms, dying.


First person:


Lord Hal?  What did you do?  This isn’t what was supposed to have happened.